Master P stopped by HipHopDX and spoke with Justin Hunte about the ongoing beef between Lil Wayne and Birdman. P discussed the recent news of Rap-A-Lot Records founder James Prince siding with Weezy. The ice-cream has a lot of respect for the big homie J Prine and I know he has a lot of respect for what they done as a team and coming for the south but basically thats just on them.Master P says that he hopes Lil Wayne and Birdman can work this out.

“The advice I give Lil Wayne and Birdman is that y’all did this together,” he says Both these guys could go and be successful after this break up its like a marriage that didn’t work even though your not going to be together they both losing money ” Money is the root of all evil

“I think what Birdman built something from Louisiana and people have to respect that,” he says. “Lil Wayne is one of the biggest artist in the world and nobody can take that from him. Together they made something powerful they just have to figure how to move on because it not about love anymore its about money.

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