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LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – One day after Christmas, 3-year-old William now has the bike he wanted, but his father never will get to see him ride it.

Two Christmas mornings have passed since 20-year-old Charles Fambrough was found shot to death. Police now call his murder case cold.

“Some people never come forward, they’ve got to live with this guilt,” said Percy Miller, better known as the rap artist Master P. “But we hope that today, we can give these families some joy.”

Friday, at the corner of N. 24th Street and Portland Avenue – the same corner where Fambrough’s body was found – Master P offered children who’ve suffered similar losses the opportunity to find a toy car or bicycle that was just right – his treat.

“It’s beautiful,” said 4-year-old Kennedy Mathes, as she perched upon a tiny bike complete with training wheels. “It’s pretty, and pink and purple.”

“I looked at it, and I liked it, the color and what’s on it,” 10-year-old Jamiyah White said, regarding her choice.

White and her family lost almost everything when their home burned Christmas Eve.

“It was so unexpected you know,” her mother Tonya Woodford said. “I’m grateful, because this Christmas is not like any other Christmas we were used to having.”

But Woodford reminded interviewers that her family remains intact.

Eight-year-old Dylan’s brother Ray Allen Etheridge, 12, was murdered in Cherokee Park in September. An acquaintance, 21-year-old Joseph Cambron, is charged with the crime.

Four-year-old Sumo lost his father, 38-year-old Quinton Logan, in May. Logan was shot to death in the driveway of his home in Shawnee Park. Police have no suspects.

“If you can look in these kids’ faces and you can live with that then you have a problem,” Master P said.

The rapper calls himself a homicide survivor. His brother, Kevin Miller, was murdered in Louisiana in 1995. A family acquaintance was caught and convicted.

Master P is hopeful that seeing these children will prompt Fambrough’s killer, or whoever knows who it might be, to come forward.

“But I will pay a reward,” he said. “Whatever we need to capture this person, I told them I’m willing to put it up.”

The dollars aren’t specified. But he will work with Louisville Metro investigators as they pursue leads, according to community activist Christopher 2X, whose “Let the Children Grow” campaign screened recipients for the rapper’s Christmas gifting.

Fambrough’s girlfriend and William’s mother said that investigators have not talked to her since Fambrough’s murder. But Friday, she had found a moment of peace.

“This is the best Christmas present ever,” Megan Brown said. “To see kids smiling and laughing. It’s just the best feeling in the world.”