Percy Master P Miller and Terry Williams, Vice President of Operations at H.E.B, are working together with the H.E.B family to build Economic empowerment in the African American and Latino communities. The Be the Change initiative is a movement at H.E.B that is designed to get minority-owned products on shelves in major supermarkets. Miller and his partner James Lindsey’s motto is, “the more we make, the more we give.” Miller says, “it’s not only about getting our products into H.E.B. grocery chain but also about helping other minority-owned products as well. This is a movement; we have come a long way to be able to walk into a major chain like H.E.B, which is the largest privately-owned grocery chain in the U.S. And to have access to their marketing machine, is a major accomplishment; for minority-owned products.” “Distribution is the hardest part to getting minority-owned products into retail. We are creating opportunities and diversity for brands at H.E.B,” Continued Miller.