Master P Bday

Percy Miller aka Master P celebrates his own birthday by reaching out and touching the lives of children who have been traumatized by violent crimes. Master P started his birthday off by visiting a trauma center in Louisville, Kentucky where kids were being treated for gun shot wounds. Then he spent most of his day at an Elementary school with younger kids talking to them about education, networking, and making wise choices. Finally, he ended his birthday by surprising 12-year old gun shot survivor, Tay Reed, and granted his wish of playing basketball with his idol, Master P, at the local YMCA where they held a candle-lighting ceremony for young gun shot victims. Master P stated that his greatest birthday gift was seeing Tay healthy, smiling and overcoming the tragedy with a positive attitude. Tay will lead the first parade for The Kentucky Derby. Hopefully, this will spread the message “Let The Kids Grow”. Tay Reed has a promising future, he just made the honor roll and started his own Stop The Violence campaign.