Over a year ago, the Miller Boys created a brand, Master Clean Life, household cleaning supplies and sanitizing toiletries. The boys partnered up with their father Percy Miller and their older brother Romeo Miller. They have been creating unique disinfectant and antibacterial cleaners that not only
contain ingredients to remove soil and antimicrobial ingredients that kill germs but offer a unique variety of scents that leave a pleasant aroma versus a harsh strong stench. Hercy and Mercy Miller are high school basketball stars but off the court, they are young entrepreneurial bosses with a mission to give back with their product. For every purchase of a Master Clean Life product, a percentage is spent towards helping inner-city youth attain higher education and assist the elderly wit food, clothing and medical needs. Since last month, Master Clean Life products have been in high-demand and have sold out their inventory to consumers. Every day they are receiving requests on their backordered products. For more information, go to www.MasterCleanLife.com