Percy Miller aka Master P grew up in the streets of New Orleans and is known for hardcore Rap. Master P explains how real God is when you can come from negativity and turn your life around. This is the first faith based record that he has created, the single is called “God Got Me”. And this song came with alot of passion, it has a turnt up spiritual feel that people from the churches to the streets will be able to relate to. Even though we are going through these uncertain times dealing with the Coronavirus, Master P says, “This is a great time to sharpen your tools and get ready for the bounce back. With God, the miracle is going to be greater than the setback.” “God Is Real” movie will be released 2021 with the soundtrack. The Colonel of the Tank is continuing to make history, growing in his faith not being afraid to talk about God in his music, opening up the doors and giving more opportunities through music and film for not only established musicians and actors but for upcoming stars as well.


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