Master P Clears the Way For 14 Year Old Jarrius Robertsonto Hit A Spectacular Layup, The Real NBA Celebrity Game MVP


Jarrius Robertson, the little 14-year-old from Master P’s hometown New Orleans has been battling a liver disease called biliary atresia. Master P has always been about helping the next generation. Percy Miller’s foundation Team Hope Nola’s mission is to help kids in New Orleans overcome obstacles. Master P said, “I love the kids. I had to get Jarrius in the game, move the big people out of the way for him and let him do what he do best, get buckets. This little kid is an all-star, he has the biggest heart and I’m happy I met him. Even in his condition, he’s still happy and smiling. What a blessing, he’s truly the real MVP of the NBA Celebrity Game.” J.J scored a spectacular layup, that made ESPN’’s highlight reel of the game. Robertson explains how he got into the NBA All-Star Celebrity Game and what it meant to score a basket. Jarrius Robertson said, “Master P told me to shoot the ball when I get it and that’s what I did. P got me into the game and walked me onto the court, the rest was history.” Robertson is still battling chronic liver disease but that’s not stopping him from balling and chasing his dreams. Master P continued, “This kid is special and he wears the heart of New Orleans on his sleeve. He deserves the MVP trophy and I will make sure he gets one.”
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