Breonna Taylor was a 26-year old African American Emergency Medical Technician that was fatally shot and senselessly killed in Louisville, Kentucky by local policemen during a home invasion. A city in which Master P calls his second home, creating programs in the community for at-risk youth for over13 years. Master P says, “Getting into the studio with DeCarlo and recording this song was personal because this was a good woman who was innocently killed. So we added the struggle, the pain, the hate, the love and the unity into the song. We’re not saying that all cops are bad but the ones that committed this crime should be incarcerated.

Our mission is to unite the community, stop the injustice. and make the world say her name.” The single “Say Her Name” was produced by super-producer KP and will be featured on the highly anticipated No Limit Chronicles album which will be released on July 29th same date as the docu-series.

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