Master P aka Percy Miller is hosting a candle lit ceremony for his birthday, honoring the kids that have lost their lives to violent crimes.

The Hip Hop mogul turns 45-years-young on Wednesday, April 29, 2015. Master P decided to do something different this year for his birthday. He will be celebrating life, with underprivileged kids that have suffered the traumas of violent crimes and even death.

Master P will be hosting a 45-candle lighting remembrance for those children and their deceased loved ones. Percy Miller says, “This birthday is not about me, it’s about ‘Letting The Kids Grow’. So many kids are dying young. I come from the ghetto and I’ve changed my life. We are going to celebrate my birthday by continuing to bring awareness to kids that have lost their lives due to senseless crimes. We need to stop killing our future, they are blessings. For me, it’s not about getting presents, its about putting some smiles on the faces of these kids who have been through a lot, that’s the best gift for me.”

Mr. Percy Miller, born April 29, 1970 in New Orleans, LA has a biopic movie coming to theaters early 2016, titled “Mr. Ice cream Man”.