Last week, a man named Kenneth Jordan admitted he lied under oath during C-Murder’s trials, after cops threatened him with arrest.

“I remember that they asked me if Corey Miller did the murder. My very first statement to them was C-Murder didn’t do this. They tricked me, I wasn’t signing the photo to ID the shooter. I signed it because they told me to. They got me to ID C-Murder’s picture and sign it,” Darnell Jordan continued.

Darnell Jordan claims he did not want to testify at C-Murder’s first trial, so he skipped the state of Louisiana and headed to California.But police caught up with him, shackled him and shipped Jordan back to New Orleans.

Darnell Jordan claims he was sequestered in a hotel for a week, when a detective (Donald Clogher) finally came in and forced him to sign a statement with words he maintains he never said.

According to Darnell Jordan, he was not able to fully tell his side of the story in court, and claims he saw the gun flash come from the opposite side of the room where C-Murder was standing, meaning the rap star could not have been the shooter.

The bouncer said he also frisked C-Murder, who was free of any contraband, including a gun.

During the second trial, the police came to Darnell Jordan’s mother-in-law’s house with their guns drawn.

Darnell Jordan says he was sent to solitary confinement in jail for a few days, and then sent to another hotel room, where he was not allowed to speak to anyone but his wife, as the trial took place.

Lawyers for C-Murder have maintained that each one of his trials has been tainted by shady prosecutors, unreliable witnesses and a juror who admitted she was pressured to find the rap star guilty.