Cymphonique Miller AKA NIQ Young Female CEO of Pressure Records Is Changing The R&B Game And Following In Her Father Master P’s Footsteps

Cymphonique Miller aka NIQ, CEO of Pressure Records and Pressure Cosmetic products, is following in the footsteps of her father Master P. The young female CEO is taking her R&B music label to the next level. Fans are excited for the release of her first single and music video “Pressure”

Cymphonique Miller AKA NIQ Adding PRESSURE To The R&B Game, With Her Hit Single “PRESSURE” And A New Sultry Music Video

Story: Cymphonique Miller aka NIQ, the triple-threat multi-faceted actress, singer/songwriter R&B swagged-out Pop Star, is back in the lab rehearsing for her new music video “PRESSURE” with her talented dance crew, choreographed by iconic dance mastermind Michele Soulchild. The hit record is produced by the super producer Tone P and