Master P just added She Money to the Money Mafia Mob. One of The Rawest
Female Rappers In The Streets “SHE MONEY” has already taken over the
streets of Louisiana and now the World is hers. She ready to fight for it
and literally she fight good too and she don’t mind scrappin with the best
of them whether it’s in the industry or the streets she realize its not
about winning every fight but it is about standing up for what you believe
in. She has a raw flow with a unique style, this is real struggle music
coming from a female artist. She Money has built a large underground
following and a male fan base which is unheard of from a female artist.
Backed by the Worlds Most Dangerous Record Label No Limit Forever Records
the Take Over is Now with She Money at the top of her Game. Her New Single
“U Mad” is blowing up in clubs, and on the streets and this is only a taste
of what your going to get from the new Queen of the streets.


No Limit Forever Records 2015