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Romeo Miller was on fire with 3 balls as he scored 40 points and was named
MVP of the game, he got to the rim with ease with his amazing ball handling
skills ,as he showed that he is not just an entertainer but a great
basketball player as well. Fans chanted as the No Limit Soldiers got the
Win. 89-80 Master P’s Defense was fierce as he cleaned up the boards
against pro bowler Dez Bryant, the young Hercy Miller the 6th grader scored
the 3balls and showed amazing ball handling skills as he played under
control along side the 3rd grader Mercy Miller who came off the bench
getting to the hole scoring lay ups against the much older opponents. The
night wasn’t over though as the Money Mafia Crew came through and handled,
business Eastwood ran the floor ended up with 13 point and couple of 3′s
while Young Junne had 10 points 6 boards and 4 rebounds. It was a magical
night for Juli’s Kids foster care program as The Grid Irons hoops Charity
brought out many celebrities, pro athletes, and sponsors.