PERCY MILLER aka MASTER P Money Power Business Tycoon “I couldn’t just be a street guy. And a lot of people want to be in business, but they don’t know how to make those transformations. They still want to be in the streets. I gave it all up. I had to cut out the negative people in my life because I wanted better for my family. I asked God to give me a second chance so that I can do something right with my life. I used my pain to drive me to success. It starts with change, not being afraid to admit your mistakes, learn from them and not being afraid to grow up. Percy Miller is Rollingout Magazine cover story the business mogul was raised in the poverty of New Orleans and went from the projects to Forbes .Master P set his sights on taking over the sports and tech business, after dominating the music industry. He stands for equality and has the only minority owned professional sports league in the U.S. Global Mixed Gender Basketball.



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