I encourage the world, the media and these gossip sites to research who this man is, JEROME BOYKIN, NAACP PRESIDENT. I have only met him four times in person and spoken with him over the phone several times to work with him to help free my brother. If there are people who want to know more of the truth, I encourage you to reach out to him. He is a community activist, he has help free Boosie, he is working on a case for Ralo in Atlanta. He has records of contracts, wire transfers and receipts that I have paid for my brother. He has been visiting C for over 16 years, working with the warden and assisting with his transfers between correctional facilities. It’s funny how family and friends have been seeking their five minutes of fame. I love my brother. I want him free. But I am not the reason he is incarcerated. And I’m definitely not the reason that family and friends are in the position they are in. Mental illness is a real serious issue and the ones that are making up stories for attention, I will continue to pray for them. However, I will no longer be helping ungrateful relatives that blame all of their problems on me. It’s time for a reality check, people need to be held accountable and be responsible for their own actions and their own lives, these are all adults. The truth is the truth and it takes courage to speak the truth even when it is difficult for people to accept.