Master P says, “My ex-wife’s lawyers are trying to use publicity stunts to strong arm me out of 300k. This is not the 90’s, I will not cut checks to people who don’t deserve it.”


Percy Miller explains that all he cares about is the well-being of his children. He wants to do what is right by the court system for his ex-wife but the judge needs to know the real situation to end this divorce case fairly. Master P has never been served, never been in a deposition nor submitted financial records. Therefore, one should question, on what basis did his ex-wife’s lawyers calculate child and spousal support figures while throwing in an extra 300k for their expenses. Master P says, “I’m tired of hiding the facts, my ex-wife told our children ‘you need to go live with your dad’ and now she and her lawyers are demanding child support from me but none of our minor children are living with her. In a perfect world, I would love our kids to be with their mother but she has no time for them because she is doing her own thing. Although I have a busy schedule, I have a lifetime commitment to be a parent to my kids, I have to make sacrifices, get them to school and work to pay the bills. The two youngest minors, our sons, have been living with me for years and our youngest daughter has been living with me for over six months and is a better student, attending school and not getting truancies like she was when she was living with her mother. Throughout the years and still today, I have been taking care of my ex-wife, paying all of her bills and enabling her to continue living a lavish lifestyle in a mansion within a guard gated community. I can’t help her if she is throwing loud parties and the neighbors don’t want her in the community, that’s not my fault. I have no control over her irresponsibility; she needs to be accountable for her own actions. I will continue to do the right thing by my family. I will not allow her lawyers to strong-arm me out of 300k in bogus attorney fees and threaten me about going to TMZ and the media, that might work on some celebrities but I have nothing to hide. In the 90’s, I would have cut a check but today I am smarter, more educated and I can see through the buffoonery.”