Master P grew up in New Orleans, Cox Cable has always been the city’s #1 affiliate. As a teenager, Cox Cable was Master P’s first employer. Now that Master P’s Family Empire TV show is the #1 show for viewers 18-49 on the Reelz network, Master P
and his team has been getting bombarded by social media, texts, phone calls, mail and email from local fans in New Orleans complaining that they can’t get Master P’s TV show on Cox Cable. Master P replied saying that he had no idea that Master P’s Family Empire was not available on Cox Cable. He
assured fans that he would personally reach out to the president of Cox Cable to see if he could get this resolved. Master P’s TV show is taking over is taking over the airways in original series programming on the Reelz network. Master P’s Family Empire
on Reelz premiered on 11/28/2015 and every week the total viewers improve significantly with the largest gains among younger viewers (+600% in Males 18-34, +313% in Women 18-34). Master P’s Family Empire is a good clean fun family show. The show is about family values, faith, hard work and
integrity. There isn’t a dull moment in the Miller household. As the ratings and viewers increase every week, the sky is the limit with this hit reality TV show. Master P’s Family Empire, the original series airs Saturdays 8pm to 8:30pm telecast. For more information, go to @coxcable

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