It’s clear that Master P is looking to expand on his empire. This time, he’s tapping into television as he showcases the lifestyles of the rich and famous. In a new series, the Miller family will travel the globe as they meet up and interview a few one-percenters. Yet, the wealthy people they connect with will have some inspirational story connected to their “started from the bottom now I’m here” come-up, as Master P hopes that hearing about the elite building a life of luxury from nothing will help others achieve their dreams.

The rap mogul shared a preview of the program to his Instagram page. “I’m about to get my Robin Leach on. God is good,” Master P wrote. “New TV show ‘Miller Family Treasures’ It humbling and inspiring. #MILLERFAMILYTREASURES. Airs Thursday Nov 28th on FOX @romeomiller @cymphonique @mftreasures.”

In the clip, P states that the show will “highlight the lifestyles of the elite and the wealthy.” He adds that he wants to feature “others who are living their inspiring, fabulous lives that you too can achieve.” P’s son Romeo Miller and his daughter Cymphonique Miller will join him on his quest, and in the first episode, they speak with two brothers who went from broke to ballin’. Check out the preview below.