Master P”s Trees Legal New Premium Cannabis and Master Gold Natural Vape Products

Master P is saying : ” pass me the green ” to the legal marijuana industry with a new line of premium Cannabis products dubbed , Master P’s TREES.

It’s a complete lifestyle including all the master P OG flower strains, and edibles and now it’s also focused on turning green into Master gold; by revolutionizing the vape trend.

Master p’s liquid gold is made with an all natural edible grade vape oil free of all preservatives and toxins. It features unique southern classic flavors like sweet tea and chocolate beignet. As an innovator in the music and entertainment industries , master P is set to leave his mark and he’s bringing the bling bling with an array of new gold vape pens to go along with the Master gold vape oil. And the disposable pen cartridges are aptly named , “liquid blunts” It’s a Forrest fire up in here!” and master P’s trees are blazing the way ” touts Miller . ” “for as long as I can remember cannabis has been around, helping helping medical patience and now it’s a legal lifestyle. I’m happy to be an innovator in this movement, and to offer a healthier option with our edible grade oils and pioneering the vape movement is what master P’s TREES is all about.” We don’t just want to promote the cannabis industry , we want to shape it in the direction of Health, and to promote its Health and healing aspects. “

Master P’s Trees and Master gold vapes are already in high demand in states where marijuana is legal for medical and recreational use, distribution is slated to coincide with a music tour.

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