Master P says, “I normally don’t do shows on New Years, I’m with my family.
But a long time associate of mine, enticed me to do this show with this
promoter, In Dubai. And asked if I could get Snoop on as well. I told the
promoter that I would reach out to Snoop. I talked to Snoop personally and
said that he was booked for New Years in Las Vegas. My team reached out to
Snoop’s management and tried to find other dates but were not interested
which I informed the promoter.

On Friday, December 4th, my team received a text from, Snoop’s management
team, saying they have a flier with Snoop and Master P New Years concert in
Dubai. I immediately contacted the promoter in Dubai and demanded a cease
and desist on the unlawful use of Snoop’s name and likeness. I told the
promoter that this was a total breach of contract and that we would handle
this matter according to U.S. contractual laws. I love my fans in Dubai,
they have been loyal to me and No Limit. I informed the promoter that I
would not be coming to Dubai for New Years due to the breach of contract.

The promoter informed me that he would continue with the show with the
international artists he already had but still needed an American artist so
he begged if I could reach out to Rihanna, Pharrell, or Flo Rida, which I
did out of good faith but that didn’t work out either. Flo Rida’s
management team told me that the Dubai promoter only sent them part of the
deposit and two days before the show, the Dubai promoter emailed them a
cancellation notice of the show due to death in the family.

My advice to any artist performing internationally, get your total fee
upfront. We have forwarded all adequate information to US intelligence to
assure International security. My attorneys are prepared to handle any
legal matters and disputes that may arise out of this. As a business man,
my intentions always are to do good business locally or internationally.”