New Orleans Music Family, Master P, Romeo, Cymphonique
Miller and Team H.O.P.E. help Make a Local Little Girl’s Dream Come True

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New Orleans Music Family, Master P, Romeo, Cymphonique
Miller and Team H.O.P.E. help Make a Local Little Girl’s Dream Come True
The story of 6year old Kéani Page Christmas miracle went viral on
Christmas Eve, and the entire world became smitten with the lovable
youngster, giving her the title “America’s Favorite Little Girl.” All
Kéani wanted for Christmas was “a turtle, a tablet PC, and a pair of
light-up shoes.” Two weeks before Christmas, Kéani and her ten year old
older sister expressed Kéani’s modest wish list in a hand written letter
to Santa Claus, addressed it to the North Pole, attached it to a pink and
purple helium-filled Princess balloon, and set it adrift in their home town
of Lafayette, LA. Ten days later, the girls’ balloon landed 800 miles
north, just outside of Santa Claus, IN, where it was retrieved by a local
resident who alerted the media, purchased gifts for the girls, and shared
their incredible story of love, hope, and child-like wonderment with the
Master P, and his superstar kids, actor, rapper, ROMEO and CYMPHONIQUE
heard about Kéani and her improbable Christmas miracle
“I called Pops and told him about the little girl says Romeo, and he said
‘We will get that little princess out to hollywood and show them a lovely
time . We’re gonna keep her balloon floatin’ so every kid across the world
can keep dreaming big On Friday 1/6/17 the music impresario, his son and
daughter, are flying the family from New Orleans to Los Angeles for a
magical weekend of wonderment, including a visit to Universal Studios Theme
Park and a visit to a movie set with the miller family . We want the girls
to aspire to be great understand the importance of education and to keep
dreaming, you can be what ever you want if you put your mind to it
About Team H.O.P.E.
Team H.O.P.E. is a part of The Robert Pack Foundation, a 501 (c) (3)
nonprofit organization that was founded by 13 year NBA veteran and current
New Orleans Pelicans Assistant Coach, Robert Pack. Coach Pack partnered
with his childhood friend and fellow New Orleanian, Music Mogul, Master P,
to create Team H.O.P.E. Team H.O.P.E. provides at-risk youth from New
Orleans and surrounding areas with mentorship, academic resources, and
leadership skills. The program aims to provide young people with
alternatives to the negative influences so often prevalent in urban
America. The organization can be reached at