Percy Master P Miller has launched a new show, Master P Reviews. MPR is aimed at helping small businesses and entrepreneurs understand their potential in corporate America. The show will also create an opportunity for the new businesses to have national exposure and help to market their products. MPR will have interchangeable Co-Host, Genies.

“It’s about supporting independent entrepreneurs, this is so important when starting a new venture,” says Miller. “When starting a new business, sometimes the difference between success and failure is having the right guidance and exposure, this new show will create that outlet.” Continued Miller.

Chosen products will be reviewed by Master P and one of his co-host Genies. MPR is fun and entertaining while learning marketing strategies from Percy Miller himself. Taking the untraditional route by airing “Master P Reviews” TV channel on YouTube connecting directly with consumers, fans, and entrepreneurial small business owners. His message is
“No idea is a wack idea”.

The new Master P Reviews show debuts Jan.1st 2021. People are calling it the urban shark tank for the millennials, where the culture and small business will get a national spotlight pushing their product for free. For more information, go to or
subscribe on YouTube.