NL_TVBANNER_MASTERP_INTELLEGENT_HOODLUMMaster P New Project “Intelligent Hoodlum” Has The Streets On Fire

 Just three years ago, The Ice Cream Man started going harder in the music business by reinventing himself, dropping mixtape after mixtape paying dues like a new artist, still hungry even after selling over 100 million records. Going back into the gym, focusing on his health and after 90 days turning into a stronger, slimmer Master P. And when it comes to making music to compete with this generation of music fans, the colonel of the Tank is just getting better with time. The Southern King Pin Legend of Trap continues his journey to flood the streets with another classic project “Intelligent Hoodlum”. The nine-song banger is solid from beginning to finish. The Ice Cream Man takes it back to his roots with the first song “Grew Up”, you can hear the pain in the hook “I grew up around dope dealers, murderers and hustlers, you might take the stand on me but you know I don’t trust you. The King of the South take his fans on a journey back down memory lane and talks about how the system in life knocks you down when you’re not focused and if you are not aware of your environment, you will get caught up. The first song is featured with Krazy and produced by BlaqnMilD the musical genius. Other producers on the project is Jay Slugg and Mike Neff while other features Maserati Rome, Silkk the Shocker and Jeremih. This project is versatile, with club bangers and conscious music. The No Limit Soldiers Boss has delivered some more ghetto dope to his fans. “Intelligent Hoodlum” is a must-have for 2017