Master P Keeps Reinventing Himself, The New Single “Can’t Count Us Out” Is A Classic

The Ice Cream Man stay in the studio making hits. “Can’t Count Us Out” is a street classic produced by BlaqnmilD. Lyrically, the colonel is back to his old ways as he feeds game to the youngins. “Can’t Count Us Out’ is as real as it gets, as No Limit and Master P continue to dominate the 2016 music industry independently. Master P is like instant grits, when it comes to making money, his formula is just add water. And Master P encourages his fans, “When you going through something, you find out who your real friends are but if you believe in you, you can overcome anything and you can accomplish any dream if you just believe even when the haters count you out.”
Chorus: Try to count us out, can’t count us out, real hitters get money in a drought, real trappin’ hitters started in the south, counterfeit hitters betta shut yea mouth,  Get alot of friends when you get alot of money, cant find a friend when you really need something, watch the hitters that’s say hold me down,  be the same hitters hatin wanna see me down.  – Master P
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Produced By BlaqNmilD
Artwork & Promo By
No Limit’s HIT’ / @Hitmayne4Hire