Percy Miller took over the music industry independently over 25 years ago. And now he’s taking over the grocery stores with his Uncle P’s Hoody Hoos Cereal. Mr. Miller grew up in poverty as a kid, eating cereal was a luxury for him. He recently realized that there are little to no minority-owned packaged food products, so he decided to change that. He has disrupted breakfast time, kids all over the world are screaming “Hoody Hoo”.

Master P says, “You got milk. We’ve got cereal. We’re changing the game.” The PJ Foods motto: “The more we make, the more we give!” Hoody Hoos Cereal is not only a delicious breakfast or snack but is making a difference. A percentage of every cereal box sold goes to providing inner city kids in the community with education, resources and activities to help build their future.

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