This is for the bloggers and the ones believing that fake reality tv hype. Just for the record, my son and I walked away from that show 6 months ago. So why is this news when there are more important and real issues like people dying from Covid-19? First of all, we were only on camera for two scenes and not even in the same room, they milked it for 20 episodes. I have never seen producers in a reality show talking on camera. Wow, they are really getting desperate for content. This was filmed long time ago, not in real time. If it was in real time, we would all be wearing masks. The good thing is that I have the real footage, you guys can watch it and share the truth. These companies only care about ratings and creating negative edits, short cuts of scenes, focusing on drama for headline clicks and gossip that have been destroying families for years on tv. That’s the real reason my son didn’t want to talk on camera anymore because he knew that his words would be altered like they did mine. I’m putting my trust in God. I pray for the Simmons family and the other families on the show that they will see through this BS. No check is worth losing your integrity and your family over. Only one percent of reality stars become real stars. My question is what happens to the rest, while production companies and producers are steady get rich off of talent. We understand it’s business. The reality is that minorities only own 5 percent of production in Hollywood. Our mission is to change that narrative through ownership, it’s the only way to educate and feed our people with positive content. #WeAllWeGot #FamilyFirst