Master P  is paying homage to the ladies in another way with a song  single titled, “Love You Momma.” While the song is no doubt an ode to his own mother and the irreplaceable place she has in his heart, the proud son also sends love to all of the mothers around the world who sacrifice and stick with their kids through thick and thin.

When i was 10 I had dreams of getting my Momma out the ghetto. Now its a reality, there’s NO LIMIT to your DREAMS especially when you believe in GOD. LOVE is more important than anything, and aint no woman like my Mom. Happy Mothers Day!

The song  is about how much love he has for the woman that birthed him and he dedicates his new single “Love You Momma” to his mother and all of the beautiful strong mothers that have been through so much but never turned their backs on their kids. The track is produced by BlaqnMilD featuring Romeo