Just as Master P rallied some of the most distinguished film and comedy talents of the late ‘90s golden era for his 1998 classic film I Got The Hook-Up, the hip-hop mogul and industry maven is constructing the same blueprint with the release of its sequel, I Got The Hook-Up 2.

This time around, he’s also applying that formula to the sounds behind the silver screen, and the first release from the 2019-slated film’s soundtrack, “All I Want.”

Joining hometown forces with fellow New Orleans-native Lil Wayne, Master P retraced his hip-hop roots for the single, riding its menacing, snare-driven production with a militant delivery. Mr. Percy Miller becomes even more warlike in lyrical territory, lyricizing his self-made surge to the top of the industry food chain and demanding the rightfully-due credit as well.

Weezy follows-up with a flex to his rags to rap riches testament afterward. The thrill of two NOLA hometown heroes on a track is adrenaline-fortifying in and of itself. But beside the vigor, sonic potency and lyrical mastery of “All I Want,” the track is indisputably a hip-hop rip-roar.

“I think the song is important for the movie I Got the Hook Up 2, because me and Wayne are both from New Orleans and being able to put together a song of this magnitude is nothing but power,” Master P tells BET.com of the single.

“I feel a lot of movie soundtracks. they haven’t been making songs like this and, I think this will take the soundtrack to another level. This will makes fans loves soundtracks like they like albums.”

Be on the lookout for I Got The Hook Up 2 hitting the big screen in 2019 and take your first listen to Master P and Weezy’s “All I Want” below.