Louisville women make cameo appearance in new Master P comedy Two Louisville women got a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make a cameo appearance in a film starring rapper, actor and mogul, Master P. Ferrell and Lamonique Mason were flown out to California to be on the set of the new ‘smartphone comedy’ after winning a contest that was focused on laughter. “I remember having bad days when somebody made me smile or laugh and it literally picks you up,” Mason explained. The question was simple: What is the importance of laughter? “We stress about so much, whether it’s money, family, jobs, careers, school and one thing we can do that is free with no cost at all is make each other laugh,” Mason said. Ferrell, who is also a huge fan of the original film, I Got the Hook Up, answered the question with a poem. “When days are dark and nights are chilly, laughter is the medicine, laughter is healing,” she said. Feeling blessed by the opportunity to meet Master P and his son, the movie’s Executive Producer Romeo Miller, Mason and Ferrell decided to pay it forward. “I know how I felt when I found out that I won, so just being able to give someone else that feeling is great,” Mason told WHAS11 News. They’re hosting their own sequel: The Importance of Laughter, Part 2. They’re asking Kentuckians the same question Master P asked them. Two people with the best answers will get to fly to California for the premiere of the movie in May, along with Ferrell, Mason and Master P. “We want to basically give back to our city,” Ferrell said. “It’s like an honor, sort of kind of, just that you can change someone’s life like that because that experience is life changing,” Mason explained. The contest, sponsored by Master P and Winton and Heist and Law group, will start in September and a winner will be announced in February. For more information about the contest or movie, click here. www.igotthehookup2.com