Master P & No Limit Boys: One of the most legendary leaders in music history is in the midst of a multilayered onslaught that includes an upcoming biopic starring Queen Latifah, fresh music, and a nationwide pop-up tour. To be around the No Limit Boys is a righteous experience. Listening to what’s now at least 10 different tracks released this year doesn’t feel like an old rapper trying to relive the glory days. P, Lambo, AceB 47, Blaq-N-Mild, J Slugg and company are genuinely offering a distinctive sound with talented artists who are simply more interesting than the majority of the rest of your playlist. If you’re sleeping on P; if you think MoeRoy is nothing more than a Future offshoot; if you believe that musically Master P has little left to offer, you should punch yourself in the face. No Limit Boys are for real and they’ve compiled one of the best first half’s of 2016.

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