INTRO: You know what’s crazy when your boy ain’t had no money, your boy ain’t had no problem. Biggie Smalls said it good “More money, more problems.” I always thought it’d be us against them not us against us. I still love my family, I love my people, and you know I love my kids. I love my hood. I just feel like I’m going through it right now. It’s like I’m going crazy, I ain’t even getting high, I’m just…


I’m going through some things, I’m going through some things

These hitters and these women got me going through some things


These hitters trippin’, these women trippin’

These haters holdin’ their nuts,

My pockets full of them dead men,

That’s why them haters wanna be us

My baby mama she trippin’ yeah tryin’ to take your boy to court

I should pull the Mayweather, take the mansion and that Porsche

My kids hungry? I’ll steal for ’em

My brother trippin’? but I’ll kill for him

My grandma dead, but I changed my life but I ain’t going back to jail for ’em

I got millions now, I got plenty cars, but your boy still be stressin’

Got street dudes and gossipin’ chicks and tmz askin’ questions

When I was broke in the projects they ain’t worried about my life

Now I got a lil paper they wanna know everything I like

Like who I’m screwin’ and what I’m doin’,

Where Boz at?, What Shorty doin’? Rome straight? Your family good?

Why you worryin’ bout what millionaires doin’

CHORUS (4X) &n bsp;


I’m having nightmares I killed this fool, I hope that I don’t know ’em

These haters thinkin’ I got soft but rookie I’m a show ’em

Paparazzi keep messin’ with me, want me to hit ’em and they get rich

Got my cousin with me and he from the hood, And he’ll punch you in your mouth

And if I go to jail, and it get real then I’m gone take my lick

I ain’t cryin’ or mad at no other man, that’s real hitter shit

And everything I got, I hustle for it and I ain’t ask nobody for shit

And if I fall off, I get back up, cause I’m really with that it

And if you made me, go make you, why you worryin’ about what we do

I’m No Limit, I’m TRU, I’m the realest hitter you ever knew

I love my family, don’t trust my friends, this money stuff they’ll do you in

You ain’t got no money, you ain’t got no friends,

But this money stuff will make you kill your friends



Art & Promo by:
NLF’s @Hitmayne4Hire