Master P “No Limit Forever Classics” (2012 Mixtape)


Master P – The King Of The Streets Is Back


Master P returns to the rap game with his team of No Limit young soldiers and not only that, they are coming with an energy and determination that we haven’t seen in this industry in years. Last year Master P announced his return during a feature on the street hit “BRINKS” off Gucci Mane’s 2011 Album Release and as promised, his No Limit Forever label has been dropping heat ever since then. With New Releases from the Colonel himself, Master P’s “TMZ Too Many Zeros” (December 2011 mixtape release) hit a record breaking one million downloads online in just 48hrs. Master P is re-introducing himself to a new fan base by constantly putting out new music while re-establishing loyal followers to No Limit Forever. Unlike professional sports, Master P doesn’t need youthful legs to win, his street swag and entrepreneurial hustling skills keeps him up-to-date, he’s been called the Michael Jordon or the Donald Trump of the music industry.

Along with the popular mixtape release, Master P dropped their debut internet music video titled “WE OUT CH’HERE”, which also hit a record breaking 8 million views in 48hrs, making it the biggest video release to date on the popular video site WorldStar. The release features some of Master P’s newly enlisted soldiers: Miss Chee, Bengie B., T.E.C and T-Bo which have been said by many critics, to be some of the best new hip hop stars in the game right now.

Now the colonel of the tank is set to release another mixtape titled “No Limit Forever Classics” which features his smash “NO LIMIT” mega hits, remixed with a number of his label mates and a list of celebrity features from some of the biggest names in hip hop today such as Snoop Dog, Dr. Dre, Drake, Waka Flocka, Bun B, Cameron, Sean Kingston, Gucci Mane and more. The return of No Limit Forever has also inspired P.Miller to start filming a number of movie projects including “GET MONEY” co-starring Gucci Mane and a documentary showcasing the life and hustle of Master P from the streets to the music industry, also titled “No Limit Forever Classics”.

Master P is no newcomer to this rap game, his No Limit empire independently sold over 75 Million records worldwide with hundreds of street and billboard smash hits. Master P also wrote the blue-print for today’s rap hustle, with a number of his industry marketing innovations and business moves, that over the years have inspired generations of rap entrepreneurs to follow in his foot steps. Even though Master P and No Limit Forever have enough street cred and Platinum Plaques to fill the Super Dome to the roof, with the number of projects and releases dropping every month, Master P and No Limit Forever Records are fully reloaded for the future. The “ICE CREAM MAN” is back to make history twice.

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