MASTER P – TMZ Too Many Zeros

New “MASTER P” EP MIXTAPE ALBUM Named “TMZ-Too Many Zeros”
(Above) is the exclusive promo video of the HIT Single off the album named the same “TMZ-Too Many Zeros” Feat. Master P, Romeo, Bengie B, TEC, and Miss Chee.

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Master P’s new album is titled “TMZ – Too Many Zeros”

Master P says, “I named this new record TMZ Too Many Zeros because it’s true when they say ‘more money… more problems’. I’m on my Donald Trump swag. I could lose it all and get it back in 72 days. Good or bad, when the media is on you that means you are still relevant.” This album is street, controversial, and real. This is Master P’s re-introduction back into the music business. But it’s not about him this time, it’s about the next generation of stars that he and Romeo have discovered.

No Limit Forever Records has been named the world’s #1 independent record company selling over 75 million records worldwide. They have mastered this new digital media world. No Limit Forever Artists: Bengie B is the next to take over the streets. He has the swag and the work ethics. Miss Chee is the most talented female artist from the streets with a wide fan base. T-Bo not only has the talent but his experience makes him the most poised MC in the game. Black Don’s delivery and flow makes him the truth. Eastwood’s creativity and wordplay puts him at the top of the pack. And the 17-year old youngster T.E.C. has the potential to be the next generation’s superstar with his lyrical swag. The newest artist to the label, Catalina Toma, adds crossover and international marketability. And this is just to name a few of the No Limit Forever roster. Be on the look out for the upcoming movie and soundtrack, “Get Money”.

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